Jane Steinmetz

Jane Steinmetz

  • Work Satisfaction Specialist
  • Career Consultant
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What if you could:

Love and appreciate the job you've always hated?
Quadruple your business faster than you ever thought possible?
Get to create the work that you're passionate about without leaving your company?
Be achieving so much more and experiencing joy instead of stress?

Let's bring your dreams
into reality.

Are you successful? Are you satisfied?

At Splendid Work, I help my clients become successful and satisfied. Whether I’m working with a corporate CEO, small business owner, team of employees, an employee one-on-one, or a laid off employee looking for a new position, I help cause dramatic improvements in the quality of my clients’ work or career search experience. In addition, I help clients achieve solid business or career goals.

Clients hire me for several reasons:

  • They need to define and work on the most important objectives and core operating principles for success
  • They have a big project and need help with laying it out, managing, and taking consistent strategic actions to meet deadlines
  • They are successful in their professions, but very unhappy and ready to make a big change
  • They have been laid off and need to successfully navigate the path to their next position
  • They don’t want to live with the regret of doing nothing in pursuit of a long-standing dream, or a deep desire
  • Their employees are not happy, morale is low and turnover is high
  • They desperately need to decrease stress levels, but don’t know how
  • They are in business for themselves, and need a partner to improve their big-picture thinking.

When asked what they achieved with my help, my clients say “I never thought I could…:

  • …be achieving so much more and experiencing joy instead of stress.”
  • …so clearly define the position I want, and then get hired for that position.”
  • …love and appreciate the job I have always hated, and negotiate a $6000 raise.”
  • …get to create work that I love without leaving my company.”
  • …be calm, organized, positive, and productive after being laid off.”
  • …make enough money in my business to buy my own house.”
  • …quadruple my business so fast.”

I’m highly skilled in helping achieve results, but it’s not my most important skill. My most important skill (and secret weapon) is helping my clients gain insight into their unique hidden webs of opinions, judgments, and conclusions that color everything they see, and influence every choice they make. I maintain that people are immensely powerful, but they limit themselves (even unconsciously) to having exactly what they can expect to get, and not a smidgen more. When you work with me, you often surpass what you thought was possible, while continuously improving your ability to focus, plan, and achieve goals.