Jane Steinmetz

Jane Steinmetz

  • Work Satisfaction Specialist
  • Career Consultant
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What if you could:

Love and appreciate the job you've always hated?
Quadruple your business faster than you ever thought possible?
Get to create the work that you're passionate about without leaving your company?
Be achieving so much more and experiencing joy instead of stress?

Let's bring your dreams
into reality.

Are you successful? Are you satisfied?

Mid-Career Executives, Professionals,
and Small Business Owners:

Are you a ”Crispy Critter“ in your career or business?

Are you so burned out that you leave a path of ashes wherever you go?

Have you had it with your job/company/boss/employees/career/all of the above?

Does moving to a small deserted island seem like your next, best career move?

I can help. I am the Work Satisfaction Coach.

When asked what they achieved during our coaching series, my clients say, ”I never thought I could...:
...be achieving so much more and experiencing joy instead of stress.“
...so clearly define the position I want, and then get hired for that position.“
...love and appreciate the job I have always hated, and negotiate a $6000 raise.“
...get to create work that I love without leaving my company.“
...be calm, organized, positive, and productive after being laid off.“
...make enough money in my business to buy my own house.“
...quadruple my business so fast.“

At the core, I help my clients dramatically and permanently shift the way they see things, uncovering great opportunities that they were blind to, leading to new and positive actions, producing SPLENDID results and circumstances.

Let's get you out of your misery. Contact me at info@splendidwork.com to find out if you qualify for a complementary consultation.